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Mission Statement

GB STYLE is committed to grow as a respected corporation from society based on CEO’s management philosophy
that is about respecting human dignity and loving family through Global business activities, and that is the code of conduct and value of GB STYLE.


GB STYLE, a company with the best eco-living culture leading environmentally friendly family culture for customers,
has been developed based on fashion business. Fashion itself is a type of culture, and together with life and culture,
it has soaked into our daily lives. GB STYLE has been continuously researching and developing products that respect
individual uniqueness and lifestyle of customers, inspire family affection in everyday life, and are eco-friendly in
prioritizing the future environment to achieve the best quality and design. GB STYLE is committed to become a leading
corporation that creates new living culture focusing on customers to have better and happier lives.


Customer Satisfaction
We are a company that grows with customers by prioritizing customers’ perspectives and providing the best products and services.

Environmental Management
We are a company that supports an eco-friendly environment not just for us, but for our children in order to give them better future.

Social Responsibility
We are a company that contributes to society by serving underprivileged neighbors and we operate under open and

above board management, fair trade, and honest tax payment.