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Establishment of a cost efficient distribution system
through acquisition of existing distribution center.

GB STYLE’s distribution center has a floor space of 11,900m2 storing approximately
1,000,000ea and have state of the art automation systems installed.
GB STYLE also holds 200 retail outlets and offices and currently holds a 95% same day
delivery rate including the orders from the online shopping mall.

Environmentally friendly geothermal heat systems are used at the distribution centers
for heating and cooling to maintain consistent temperatures 24 hours a day.

※ The geothermal heat system is 400-450m below ground and uses the constant
15°C temperature to simultaneously heat and cool
without the use of environmentally harmful fossil fuels. Furthermore, the use of

LED lights to provide natural looking lighting has reduced the amount of pollutants
and emissions.
◎ Construction of cutting edge distribution center
WMS (Warehouse Management System)
The system that controls and maintains all activities within the distribution center including order processing, supply chain, inventory management,
and equipment optimization.
DAS (Digital Assort System)
After picking the products to be delivered in a designated location, this is the system to accurately assist in categorizing the boxes according to each consignee to ensure
that the right product and amount is loaded
◎ Logistics System
GB style is strengthening convenient and trustworthy service from a customer’s perspective through using a “Next Day Delivery” system within the distribution center.
◎ Geothermal System
We are a company that leads in environmentally friendly management practices by utilizing natural heat sources, rather than fossil fuels and other harmful substances,
laid in pipes underground (15 +-5).