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2010 ~
Transition into a Fashion Culture Corporation

  • May - Established corporation in Shanghai, China ($300k foreign-funded enterprise)
  • April - Opened a shop in ShinGuanTianDi Premium department store in Beijing, China
  • February - Inaugurated as 2nd Chairman of MAIN-Biz
  • December - Awarded Minister Prize of Korea Federation of Small and Medium Business Dispatch Competition
  • December - Acquired confirmation of top company for family friendship (Ministry of Gender Equality and Family)
  • February - Awarded a Letter of Appreciation from the Head of Gangnam District Office
  • September - Established representative office in Shanghai, China.
  • May - Received a Presidential Citation of exemplary small and medium business entrepreneurship.
  • February - Awarded the Grand Prize of Peace and service from the Bright Society Club
  • December - Awarded the Grand Prize for Ethical Management at the 81st anniversary of Shinsegae
  • December - Awarded the Prize of Exemplary tax payment corporation at the 20th Gangnam District Office Citizen Awards
  • February - Awarded the Minister Prize at the “Businessman Day” by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy
  • January - Received the Prize of Proud Small and Medium Business entrepreneur
  • December - Appointed as a Member of Tax Administration Association of the Gangnam Tax Office
  • April - Opened the direct shopping mall -
  • April - Acquired certification of Innovative Business by MAIN-Biz (Small and Medium Business Administration)
  • March - Awarded for Exemplary Tax Payment corporation at Gangnam Tax Office “Taxpayer Day”
  • January - Launched the family homewear brand “KussKuss”
  • January – Launched natural skincare products 'Eco-skincare'